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What is Responsive Design and why does Responsive Design matter?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes websites don’t look correct on your mobile device? Maybe they run off the screen, you aren’t able to tap things properly, or you have to zoom in to read the content? This happens because their websites are not optimized for mobile screen sizes or various device types, and do not have what’s known in the industry as Responsive Design.

Responsive design is an approach to web page design that makes use of flexible layouts and image scaling so that it looks and works well on whichever device type (screen size) you are using to view the content. Responsive design is based on set containers and breakpoints, which divide possible screen sizes in ranges and adjust page elements accordingly. So, the layout might look completely different on a large desktop monitor and on a small mobile phone display.

The benefit and power of Responsive design is that it can detect a website visitor’s screen size and optimize the layout to fit it. If done well Responsive Design also responds to the visitor’s behavior and the device’s orientation (landscape or portrait). At Winnona Partners we love the Responsive Design approach because it allows for a clean and efficient user experience, allowing people with all different device types to participate!

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