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How do Web Apps work?

A Web application or web app is a software application that can be accessed through a web browser. Web apps have a client side (sometimes referred to as the front-end, including the front-facing user interface) and a server side (sometimes referred to as back-end). Online retail, e-commerce sites, web mail, wikis, and instant messaging services are some common examples of web apps.

When a user interacts with the client and makes a request, like tapping a login button for instance, the web server is triggered and responds to client accordingly.

  • User triggers a request (taps a “Make a Reservation” button for instance)
  • Client sends request to web server
  • The web server processes request
  • The Webs server then sends response to client
  • Client interface changes based on response type (the user could continue making their reservation, per our example)

Web apps have risen in popularity alongside the mobile app boom, as they are particularly useful to view and interact with on mobile devices. Some characteristics that of web apps that Winnona partners specialize in include: Responsive web design, and Progressive web applications.

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