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Web App vs Mobile App: What’s the difference?

A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for mobile devices only (phones, tablets, and watches). In most cases, when people refer to “apps” they are talking about the mobile applications that can be downloaded in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

  • The ability to work offline (Progressive web apps can also do this in some cases, and similarly not all mobile apps can work offline)
  • Ease of integration with GPS
  • Accessibility to a device’s camera
  • Full screen experience (no browser interference)
  • Push notifications

A Web App is a software application that may be developed for both desktop and mobile devices, and can be consumed on any web browser (not in the App Store or Google Play Store).

  • In the past people contended that web apps must require an active internet connection in order to run, however Winnona Partners develops Progressive web apps which do allow for some offline functionality
  • There is less barrier to entry, as anyone can visit your site on their device as long as they have internet
  • Web apps can include SEO and other tactics to attract visitors searching for things online
  • Web browsers can take up a percentage of a mobile phone’s screen size (top and bottom), potentially limiting the view of the web app’s content or features
  • No ability for push notifications on mobile devices (we recommend email automation as a substitute)

Web apps are advantageous as most searches happen online (Google) and not in the App Store or Google Play Store. For instance, if you want to search for “best dentists near me”, you would likely go to Google to conduct the search and not the App Store.

So while there is a prestige and ease of use factor for mobile apps, most businesses or individuals can actually find just as much if not more success with a web app optimized for mobile devices.

However, if push notifications are a must-have for your service, or you think having your service be easily accessible as an app icon on a user’s home screen, then a mobile app downloadable in the App Store or Google Play may be the better option for you.

Whether you want a mobile app or a web app, Winnona Partners can help develop the best solution to fit your needs and your goals. Contact us today to get started!

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